sajid barkat
After completing his MBA at the Canadian University in Dubai, embarked upon what culminated in a successful career in commercial and investment banking firms in the Middle East, where he rose through the ranks of a number of the UAE’s premier financial institutions. His dedication to, and focus on the best interests of his clients enabled him to focus on delivering individual solutions based upon the often unique but always varied needs of each of his clients.


From those early days, Sajid moved into a number of senior roles supporting both individual clients but also developing businesses which resonated with his desire to not just succeed personally and for his clients commercially, but to do so where such success was measured by the delivery of a positive impact on people and lives.

Sajid has earned the admiration and respect of countless customers and colleagues from around the globe and from many industries as well as country leaders, delivered via a dedication to securing success through, and working diligently to achieve, a positive impact on society as a whole as well as the environment which has become the driving force behind Sajid’s professional career over 20 years.

Through the establishment of YASA Group Dubai, Sajid brings to his staff, colleagues and customers not just a commanding vision for commercial success, but where such success is shared amongst, and benefits everyone, from his colleagues, customers and clients to society and the environment as a whole.